that’s fricked up that fricked me up i’m fricked up now frick

by cullan bonilla

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second pressing available on cassette now via good sadie media:

originally released in 2013. songs written/performed/recorded by cullan bonilla. “girlfriend in a coma” originally by the smiths. lyrics of “nope never will i ever” are a modified version of a line by james boywitch. gang vox on the same song by sutton bonilla, mazzy bell, jasmine an, anthony bernadzikowski, brandon devries, and caleb cordes.


released March 3, 2015



all rights reserved


cullan bonilla Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

singer-songwriter more like singer-wrongwriter

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Track Name: nevermind
you’ve got so much promise
it makes me reconsider
the world as i know it

but then again,
i know better than
to believe
in that sort of thing
Track Name: splinter
it’s my own fault
for letting myself fall
for holding on so tight
to something that could kill me if it tried
and it did

i’m punching the glass of a window pulled shut
and i’m wondering why my hand is bleeding so much
i’m running on a frozen lake thinking i won’t fall in
even though i’d already heard the birds singing

i just don’t believe that things can hurt me
until they actually do
and even laying on the ground
you know i won’t admit it was you

so if you still hurt me after all this time,
is that still your fault or does it become mine
Track Name: nope never will i ever
i will not visit the graves of
the dead parts of me

except maybe
to piss on them
Track Name: crucial moods
the other day i saw you
i drove for an hour to talk about whatever
and just roll around
what else is life about

remember how you yelled
‘no parents! let’s jump on the bed!’
well i feel like i’m suspended above your mattress
i’m in midair and i don’t wanna come down
i never want to come down

but i know the landing will be fun too
so long as i’m landing with you
Track Name: pixie stix
i don’t want to kiss you
i just don’t want anyone else to
when i lie i’m so cute
when i lie i’m so cute

i don’t want to kiss you
i just want everyone who does to
read all these words and understand
they don’t deserve the sweat on their hands
until they know you the way that i do

maybe it’s stupid and maybe it’s selfish
i know i know but i can’t help it
i just don’t know what to do

it’s probably stupid it’s probably selfish
i know i know but i’m so helpless
i just don’t know what to do

i don’t want to kiss you
i just don’t want anyone else to